Immunizations & Daily Wellness Greetings

Immunizations & Daily Wellness Greetings

It is essential that all children stay up-to-date on immunizations. Forms are required prior to admission, and they are also required to be updated throughout a child's attendance at school.

Don't forget seasonal flu shots, too. The State/CDC urge vaccinations to keep children healthy, especially in group environments such as preschools.

At The Cole Academy, children's health and safety is one of our our top responsibilities.

The Cole Academy's "Daily Wellness Greeting" helps teacher, parent and child pay extra-close attention to any signs of illness before the school-day starts.

The Cole Academy greatly appreciates our families being extra careful and attentive to colds or any other signs of illness, in terms of staying home at the first signs of any fever or illness. Our families have been additionally cautious about this lately and it is sincerely appreciated by all fellow students and staff.

Our families and staff also all use the Hand Sanitizing Gel upon entering and exiting the building. Preschoolers and their teachers are excellent handwashers and do so throughout the whole school day. Did you know you need to wash your hands as long as it takes you to sing the alphabet in order to ensure they're really clean? Cole Academy teachers and kids do this "by the book."

Our campus has exceptional sanitation resources such as infrared faucets -- no need to touch them to turn them on! The staff and our custodians are as vigilant as ever about sanitizing and keeping the shared environments as clean as possible.


The Centers for Disease Control recommends the primary means to reduce spread of influenza is to focus on early identification of ill students which is why we are implementing a new DAILY WELLNESS GREETING we developed in concert with CDC and state health department guidance, as well as our consulting physician.

This quick daily procedure will take place upon drop-off:
1)As usual, a staff member will greet you and your child
2)Your child's temperature will be checked ***
3)The teacher will gently feel neck-area lymph nodes
4)The teacher will look for visual signs of illness or discomfort
5)The staff member will discuss with you if you have noticed anything out of the norm physiologically or with his schedule (i.e. didn't sleep well, eyes bothering him, any change in eating patterns, any vomiting or diarrhea, any complaints of body aches or sore throat).

***Temperature check will be via ear thermometer. If a thermometer is not immediately and conveniently available, the teacher will assess by hand to his or her forehead. If your child seems hot, we will wait until a thermometer check can be made. Please note that if your child has a fever of 100.5°F or above, he or she will not be able to stay at school that day and will go home with you at that time.

a.If your child is close to the threshold of 100.5° F we will recommend that you take your child home and we will not administer fever reducing medication.

b.Should you choose to have your child remain in school if they are warmer than normal but not at the threshold, we will repeat a temperature check an hour later at which time if it is 100.5° or higher we will contact you to pick him or her up immediately.

If your child becomes ill while at school, we will call you to pick up. Such illnesses include but are not limited to:
-Has temperature of 100.5°F or higher
-Is vomiting
-Has 2 or more diarrhea
-Any communicable disease

We appreciate your understanding about the necessity of taking this measure. We want our schools to remain as safe and healthy as possible. During the first few days and weeks of this monitoring, staff and directors will be refining the implementation of the Daily Wellness Greeting, and we appreciate your patience.

As a reminder, your child may return the Academy ONLY if he has been symptom free for at least 24 hours and with a physicians note stating that he has been seen, treated, and/or no longer has a communicable disease. Please know that should any person be diagnosed with H1-N1, they MUST remain out of school or work for 7 days and may return only with doctor's clearance.

We greatly appreciate you being extra careful and attentive to colds or any other signs of illness in terms of staying home at the first signs of any fever or illness.

Thanks also for using the hand gel at the front every time you come and go! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask your Director.

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