Downtown, 36 Merchant Street, 531-4500 (6:45 a.m.-6 p.m)

Kapolei, 1033 Ala Kahawai, 674-2244 (6 a.m.-6 p.m.)

Mililani, 94-359 Makohilani Street (6 a.m.-6 p.m.)

East Oahu, 1041 10th Avenue, 732-4200 (6:30 a.m.-6 p.m.)

Windward Oahu, 780 Keolu Drive, 261-3012 (6:45am-6 p.m.)


Ages in school
6 weeks through 6 years (Infant/toddler, Preschool, & Jr. K)

Staff-Student ratios
Our centers are staffed schoolwide to an average 1:4 ratio. The following ratios are age-group specific and represent the maximum staff-child ratios in any given age group. Usually the day-to-day classroom ratios are even lower than the following list due to attendance patterns, and extra help from assistants or floating aides:

Age Standard Cole Academy
0-1 year 1:4 1:3, 1:2 with floating aides
12-18 mos 1:6 1:4, 1:3 with floating aides
18-24 mos 1:6 1:5, 1:4 with floating aides
2-3 yrs 1:8 1:6, 1:5 with floating aides
3-4 yrs 1:12 1:8, 1:6 with floating aides
4-5 yrs 1:16 1:8, 1:6 with floating aides
5-6 yrs 1:20 1:8, 1:6 with floating aides

Kindergarten preparation
Our curriculum centers on getting kids ready for a high-expectations kindergarten environment, private or public. This includes academic, artistic and social development, in addition to enhancement programs including Sign Language, Foreign Languages, Music, Hawaiian Culture, Dance and Movement, among others.

We help parents and students prepare for testing and admission to private schools, which includes quarterly developmental assessments from 3 years on up modeled after the admissions standards from the private K-12 schools. We invite observations of our classes by admissions directors and teachers, and our teachers seek out open-house and observation opportunities at various K-12 schools to get a sense of what is expected of our graduates.

Child Development Centers

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