Early Childhood Education and Care

We welcome applications at any time of year, with NO FEE to apply. Due to often-long waitlists, we do invite you to apply as early as possible before your preferred start date. Complete this form to reserve an option for the next-available enrollment space. There is no application fee and no obligation to attend from this application.Call or TEXT 808-469-8900 with questions.

Click here to fill out the application form online if the above form does not work for you.

We will notify you either of an admission opportunity or of your status on a wait list if there is one for the class for which you are applying. If you have not already had a chance to visit our center or to talk with our directors, one of them will be in touch soon after receiving this form to coordinate next steps. For assistance or questions while filling out the forms, or to obtain a brochure or hard-copy version of the application, call or TEXT our enrollment coordinator at 808-469-8900 or email info@thecoleacademy.com.

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